Monday, February 18, 2013

The Undefiled Bed

Marriage is honorable among all, and the bed undefiled; but fornicators and adulterers God will judge. (Hebrews 13:04, NKJV).

It should come as no shock today that the world is attempting to undermine any and all aspects of godly living, marriage, childbirth and parenting being the most targeted. As human history winds down into its prophesied depraved conclusion, expect the battles to intensify.

Christian marriage, after all, is the bedrock of raising godly children. The cycle is designed to repeat, as it has for the last 2000 years, so that those engaged in Christian marriage raise godly children, who engage in Christian marriage and raise more godly children, and so on.

This a threat to the world's long war against God, and from its perspective, must be stopped at all costs. The strategies of warfare are many and devious.

In the past, Christian marriage has been portrayed in a negative light in terms of sexual repression. Puritanism, painted in the most derogatory terms possible, became a curse and insult. It was an effective tactic based on lies. Puritans believed in marital fidelity, but to say these godly men and women eschewed sex, is to imply that their typically large families were brought about by obligation and duty rather than the natural and joyful intimacy of loving married couples.

But the stereotype continues in books and movies, and Christian marriage has become synonymous with cold and perfunctory human relations, or the evil insistence that a faithful life-long marriage between one man and one woman is unnatural and damaging.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Human gender and sexual reproduction are inventions by God Himself. On the 6th day of Creation, one physically perfect man became paired with one physically perfect woman, in a perfect garden situated in a perfect world. And both were unclothed.

Even in today's twisted and perverse morality, that does not sound like a sexually repressive scenario, but rather an idyllic and physically intense romantic setting. That the end result was corrupted by rebellion and sin takes nothing away from the obvious original intent.

God made man and woman to enjoy and revel in each other's presence and company on every possible level. Had our original parents stuck to the original plan, childbirth would have remained painless, and the marriage partnership would have been effortless and joyful, with physical bodies unencumbered by aging and decay forever.

That does not sound like something implemented by a pleasure-aversion Deity, for it is God who manufactured our bodies to experience profound joy on the marriage bed.

The corruption of all that is a human invention. Sexual activity was defiled by human sin, and used for purposes that are truly evil and unnatural. Sex outside of marriage (adultery) and sex before marriage (fornication), are fundamental violations of the Manufacturer's detailed specifications for His creatures.

The results of the last 50 years of the so-called Sexual Revolution has wreaked havoc on the institution of marriage, and has brilliantly served to undermine the foundation of the most tactically effective means of evangelism, the godly human family.

This is not to imply that saving faith is hereditary, but it is to emphasize that, aside from pleasure and life-long companionship, the institution of marriage was devised by God to maximize the chances of raising godly seed in a fallen world.

It is through the example and teaching of faithful Christian parents that children come to know of Christ as Lord and Savior. This is the crucial foundation from which each child may step beyond merely knowing of, to knowing in a personal relationship.

That the enemies of God recognize this, either intellectually or through brutal animal cunning, is clear by the all-out attacks against marriage, family and sexual purity.

From cynical mockery to rabid cultural antagonism, the ways of godly living are increasingly marginalized and demonized.

By far, the most effective counterattack is to simply live a godly life, in a committed Christian relationship that unapologetically affirms that the best course for human relationships is a godly family. That means purity and abstinence before marriage, and fidelity afterwards.

This is the diametric opposite of repressive or restrictive because it facilitates the manifold pleasures, blessings and security of lifelong monogamous marriage. There is no human institution more powerful, or that serves as a stronger bulwark against personal isolation, despair and moral dissolution.

It is no wonder that God promises to judge any and all who willfully, and without repentance or seeking forgiveness, violate His perfect design for interpersonal relationships, for in so doing these people become destroyers of the future of God's most beloved creation: humanity.

It has been well-proven throughout history, that when the foundations of godly family are undermined, civilization collapses. We are on that path now. It is only through God's grace and mercy that the battle rages on, but there will come a time when He lifts His protective hand from sphere of earthly events and gives humanity over completely to its own fallen desires and God-hating rebellion.

Then all Hell will literally break loose upon the planet.